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ᛟ    Connecting the Whole Self    ᛟ

(W)holistic living is a harmonious approach to body, mind and spirit in which we view ones body as a whole system, never separated. This is a place of community; a collaboration of like minded, heart centered individuals who have a genuine interest in nature & the healing arts. Intending to unify the human experience, our mystical community connects deeply to all parts of the self (physical/emotional/mental/spiritual)

We accomplish this with the use of reiki, divination, meditation, crystal therapy, writing and group healing circles



Our personal experiences are directly connected to all others experiences. We co-create our reality with every thought and feeling we have, along with every other living thing. Encompassing the whole self, awakening the mystical side. Divining everything, activating energy centers; solitary or group.

The total number of minds in the Universe is one. – Erwin Schrödinger



Current available offerings

Need someone to hold space for you? Together we will connect deeply to self. Relaxing physically/mentally so that growth & healing can occur.

Please reach out about any questions or inquires on these mystical offerings. Bookings are upon request at this time.

We heal the planet by first healing ourselves


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