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Crystals can be defined as solid crystalline like shapes. Crystals are unique mixtures of various elements that form and grow to create a variety of elemental structures. This variety is extensive as crystals show a variety of different colours and hold different attributes based on the different amount of minerals included within.

The Earth's crust is over 90% silica (Quartz & Feldspar) and water makes up 71% of our planets surface. Water is incredibly capable of forming crystalline structures! When weather is cold, water falls from the sky in the form of snow, ice or hail crystals ᛡ Even water charged by certain crystals will increase memory and coherency within the water. Salt, Sugar, Pencil Lead (graphite), Clouds, even sand is simply just small broken up pieces of shells, minerals and crystal. Crystals are everywhere!

Our Planetary Polarization relies on these crystals and many of the crystals found on Earth were first seeded from the stars. Some examples of these include moldavite, tektike, metorite, flourite.

In a crystal we have clear evidence of the existence of a formative life principle, and though we cannot understand the life of a crystal, it is nonetheless a living being

-Nikola Tesla

How can we Work with Crystals?

Crystals in their on way are sentient, we create a partnership with them

People are naturally drawn to crystals. These intelligent stones are excellent at seeking compatibility and have a way of getting into the right hands. Some ways we've utilized crystals include... Light Production or Piezoelectricity, Glass, Clocks and Electronics. More personally, crystals are useful in healing, clearing, charging/amplifying, dowsing, channeling, astral travel and past life regressions. 

All minerals have both physical and spiritual impact, they work with us and our bodies as a complete system, never isolated. Physically our bodies (high in silica) require vitamins and minerals to survive. Essential things like water and salt form in crystalline shapes, not only just out in the environment, but also within the cells of our bodies, making us crystalline beings when the bodies are in harmony.

Spiritually when we partner with crystals, they assist to cleanse our traumas and raise our frequency. People receive the correct crystals when they need them. Crystals are a bridge into the spiritual realm, acting as a conduit from our middle world to the higher healing energies of our universe. Crystals exists in many different places at one, in many dimensions that are more subtle.

Want to Learn More?

Continuing  education on crystals

With postive intention we can form a symbiotic relationship with the rocks, crystals, minerals, metals, fossils or sea shells we are lucky enough to share our space with. Have patience when working with the stones. Remember that trust is earned. The Stone kingdom works slowly, but steadily, grounding us into our purpose.

Patience, clarity and new insight can be your gifts in time. Crystals are truly our partners on the path towards enlightenment.

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