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Divination is the art of reading and interpreting the divine. The Divine can be considered your connection to spirit/heart/nature. Divination is a spiritual practice of interpretation where the practitioner is aiming to discover hidden knowledge and gather insight or foresee into past/present/future events.

Everything tells a story, everywhere there is a message, if you choose to read it. Mediums ranging from tea to tarot can be used to read omens and reveal ones fortune.

Augury is an ancient form of divination that reads nature and the flight patterns of birds. Tarot and Runic images have been found dating BC with no true known origin. Even Astrology can be considered a form of divination; reading the signs of the stars and constellation.


Receiving a Reading

Looking Inward

My life quite early brought me to tarot. I was gifted my first tarot deck (Sasha Fenton Tarot) from a friend at the age of 13. It completely changed my understanding of life, giving me insight and awareness of myself, my feelings, situations and those around me. Before Tarot I learned divination intuitively through my strong relationship/connection to nature. Augury is as easy as understanding how to program and interpret natures signs.

A divination session begins with a few deep breaths. Take some time to get centered. We will most likely have communicated the need for the reading before the time of booking, and after getting centered, we turn focus on the reason for the reading. The reader and the receiver will shuffle the cards, and the reader will pull the cards and place them in a spread. The reader interprets the cards sharing the information received from the divination.

Spreads give our divination direction. We can ask questions, place cards for events/situations/outcomes, even read subconscious desires, all depending on the intention behind the placement of the cards. There are thousands of spreads used in divination and many are quite powerful and straight forward.

Readings are best done in person. Usually you will shuffle the cards or pull the runes yourself. In person readings are available upon request for those close to Calgary, Alberta. Virtual readings (zoom readings) are a wonderful alternative because your reading will be recorded! You also have the special option of a hand written reading that will be mailed through Canada post. This reading is very artistic and personal, and you do not need to be present.

There are many ways to practice divination, below are the mediums I currently offer.



Tarot & Oracle Readings

Using Tarot Cards or The Faeries Oracle to take a look inward.

Card Readings are the most common and recognizable form of reading. The options are endless, with your choice of over 7 different divination decks.


Rune Readings

sacred language of the Eldar FUTHARK Runes

Rune readings are an ancient form of divination. Runes are potent and powerful symbols that cut through deception and ego to the definite truth of the matter.



Discover your bodies inherited personality type & immunity

Iridology or Iris Diagnosis is a reading of the Eye. The Iris is examined viewing the bodies strengths and weaknesses, imbalances, and personality.

*Available upon request


Posture & Energy Readings

Feeling out of alignment?

Posture and Energy readings focus on the Body. Posture assessment or Energy (chakra) readings, show if the body is in proper balance and alignment.

*Available upon request

"No matter what stage you're at in your life, readings will bring comfort, advice, counsel, and conscious awareness to every situation"

The past can hold power, and the future is uncertain and always changing. The only moment we have real power is the now. The present! A reading from Mystic Mermaid Wholistic will bring you back to the present, back to yourself, and from there we can understand actions! Past actions and present desires, and how to fully cooperate in a beautiful and magical life!

*I do not peak or pry into other peoples personal lives. Readings give us great insight into our own life and our relationships in life. What information comes up in a reading is what needs to come up. Focus on yourself/personal growth, and we will have a powerful open channel for truthful information.

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