Igneous/Volcanic Glass

AWarrior of truth. Obsidian is a lustrous volcanic glass, and a true teacher stone. Created from a high mineral lava (felsiv viscous lava) after being erupted from volcanoes and then are rapidly cooled.

There are many varieties and many different colours (including rainbow), and the most common is black.



Family/Variety: Igneous/Volcanic Glass

Shape/Crystal System: Amorphous

Hardness: 5.0-6.0

Colour Range: Variety of Black/Red/Gold/Blue

Chakra: Root

Direction: South/Below

Element: Fire

Zodiac: Sagittarius

Planetary/Ruling Bodies:  Mercury

Guardian/Deity: Lower world deities

Number: 1

Partners well with: Hematite

Safe in Water: Yes


History & Origin

A Common stone in Mexico and anywhere else with volcanoes. Since it is a sharp glass, it has a long history helping humanity. Our ancestors used obsidian for tools by carving and shaping, used for cutting, making knives or arrowheads, and even polished into mirrors. Obsidian is sacred to many people in many regions, such as in present day Mexico or when the Mayan civilization was vibrant and alive.

Physical Properties

Dealing with physical survival (obsidian daggers/arrowheads), and personal ego.

Physically it aids with shocks, blocks, anxiety, pain, tension, arthritis, stress, blood circulation, and wound healing.

It is safe in water or used as an elixir, but do not boil obsidian!

Energetic Properties

Obsidian is a mirror, it shows us our dark side or our Shadow/Lower self, and further assists in integration of this shadow self to become more complete. This stone is blunt, and will give direct answers, if ego is set aside, you can often interpret with focus and bring the correction needed for better life changes.

All forms of obsidian work intensely with people. Treat with respect and use it with caution.

A good stone for personal work, it protects ourselves from personal scrutiny and protects one on the Physical and Emotional levels. Always reveals deeper levels of self discovery, and guides us in finding truth.

It also can shield and then transform the negative vibrations within an environment acting as a filter through the black stone. Obsidian connect us to the darkness and is held sacred by the underworld deities.

Obsidian is a grounding root stone, connecting directly from the root chakra center and penetrates deep into the Earth.

How to Cure or Treat Obsidian

Soak in Salt/Sea water for 3 days at the Full or New Moon. When done you can sprinkle the water throughout the house. 

*Do not let others touch your obsidian, except for those you love, or family you trust. 

Ways to use Obsidian

  • Allow obsidian to absorb your worries. Hold a polished piece during times of stress
  • Try the act of scrying with a polished piece of obsidian.
  • Obsidian will naturally assist shadow work. Take an active part in discovering yourself by working with obsidian.

Obsidian Family

apache Tear

black obsidian

green obsidian

gold sheen obsidian

mahogany obsidian

snowflake obsidian

spiderweb obsidian

Resources & References

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