Pink Tourmaline

Where this stone came from and where can you find it?

Gentleness. Love. Heart Softening. Heart Opening.

Pink Tourmaline is often found embedded inside a matrix. This beautiful variety of tourmaline is a light to pale pink in colour. It contains Lithium.

This variety of tourmaline brings one into the heart center, or the sacred space of the heart.



Family/Variety: Phosphate (mineral)

Shape/Crystal System: Hexagonal/Trigonal

Hardness: 7- 7.5

Colour Range: All Shades of Pink

Chakra: Heart/Higher Heart

Direction: East/Heart Center

Element: Earth

Zodiac: Libra

Planetary/Ruling Bodies: Venus

Guardian/Deity: Venus/Gaia/Earth Deities

Partners well with: Moldavite/Ruby

Safe in Water: Yes


Where this stone came from and where can you find it?

Pink Tourmaline is most often collected from mines in California. Much pink tourmaline was exported to China when Chinese Empress Tz’u Hsi (1835 – 1908 A.D.) favored the pink coloured gemstone, and set up a direct trade route from California to China.

Large amounts of pink (as well as green) tourmaline has also been mined in Maine. It can also be found in Afghanistan, Africa, Brazil and the around the United States. The specimens from California have been credited as the most beautiful in the world! 

Physical Proerties

How does Pink tourmaline affect the physical body?
Physically pink tourmaline will calm anxieties and worries. It helps us to release the stresses that cause deeper depressions. It can also be a helpful stone after experiencing intense traumas.
Pink tourmaline allows us to physically relax, and be comfortable.
Some attribute it to healing actual heart tissue, hypertension, and any irregular heart patterns!

Energetic Properties

How does Pink tourmaline affect the energy Bodies?

This stone safety opens the heart chakra. It is great for those who have had broken hearts as it helps heal pain/hurt from the past, and return the hope of true love.

Pink Tourmaline brings joy and enthusiasm into your life. giving the comforting feeling that it is safe to love, and okay to feel! Even if those feelings are intense, painful, or confusing.

Pink Tourmaline will regulate ones emotions, bringing balance to overly emotional beings, or opening up those who are more closed off from their emotions. Transforming numbness into a renewed sense of vigor and passion!

Creative Ways to Use Pink Tourmaline

unique and fun ways to work with Pink Tourmaline
  • Meditation and wearing this stone helps the heart to release past sorrows and learn to trust in love.
  •  Great for love Elixirs! Topically and internally.
  • Wear Pink Tourmaline as a necklace (at the level of the heart) to calm and heal any heart condition!

Venus rules pink tourmaline, as it captures Venus's beauty, balance & love. This gently powerful pink gemstone can be useful when manifesting love & acceptance.


  • Vibrates to the number 9 & master number 99
  • Octobers Birthstone

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