information & history of reiki healing

Reiki is defined as the transfer of universal life force energy from one person (the practitioner) to another (the receiver). The term 'reiki' comes from two Japanese words: Rei - 'universal life' and ki - 'energy'  therefore Reiki can be defined as universal life energy.

Reiki is known as a wholistic therapy. This means it will affect all parts of you (spiritual, physical, emotional, mental). Reiki healing is natural and very intuitive, going directly to where it is needed most.

Reiki healing is similar to channeling energy, but with aid through the use of symbols. These specific symbols are similar to sigils or the runes in a sense that the symbol itself holds power. The reiki symbols are a gentle gateway to the magnificent healing power of the universe.

What to Expect

New to Reiki? What is a session like?

Reiki stimulates healing, and will bring an overall peace to your being. It is gentle, loving, and feels like a hug of loving comfort towards a troubled soul.

This type of therapy works to realign your entire being. It balances and activates your bodies energy centers/chakras/meridians.



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