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Love. Romance. Gentle Love. Unconditional Love. Self Love. Calmness. Acceptance.

Rose Quartz is an essential heart center stone, for love and for healing. Love is such powerful essential energy for human life, and rose quartz is pure love in a stone.

The pink hue is created when inclusions of titanium, iron or manganese are present within quartz.



Family/Variety: Quartz (silicon dioxide)

Shape/Crystal System: Hexagonal

Hardness: 7

Colour Range: Pink/White/Rusty/Rose

Chakra: Heart

Direction: East

Element: Earth

Zodiac: Taurus/Libra

Planetary/Ruling Bodies: Venus

Guardian/Deity: Archangel Ariel/Chamuel

Number: 7

Partners well with: Amethyst/Tiger Eye

Safe in Water: Yes


Where this stone came from and where can you find it?

Used since 600 BC (possibly earlier) by the ancient Egyptians for love and beauty. Chinese and Tibetan cultures have used Rose Quartz in art and for healing.

Commonly found in Brazil, India, Madagascar, South Africa and some parts of the US.

Physical Properties

How does rose quartz affect the physical body?

Rose Quartz targets areas of the cardiovascular system (heart, blood vessels, and blood). The Heart is the bodies hardest working organ, never stopping, or taking a break, Rose Quartz helps with exhausted hearts, and improves poor circulation.

Excellent for irritating skin conditions.

Works on the kidneys (elixir), adrenals, and treatment of vertigo!

It also can assist in clearing/improving circulation of the bodies fluids. Rose Quartz heals the blood even easing pains associated with menstruation.

Rose Quartz effects our minds positively calming worry and mental anxiety around diseases relating to the blood and heart; worrying family members can also benefit from this stone. 

Perhaps in the future we will have this stone in all hospitals and hospices.

Energetic Properties

How does Rose quartz affect the Energy Bodies?

Love within a stone. Rose Quartz is an essential heart center stone, for love and for healing. It gently opens the heart.

Holding rose quartz will provides a cooling energy, and this works gently on all chakras balancing and tuning them to the frequency of love. It naturally brings out ones inherent loving nature.

Great for the emotional body as it works by bringing loving energy to the upper chakras, and balancing loving energy in the lower. Rejuvenates the emotional and physical and it also can attune the mind.

This pink Quartz will help us to release all impurities blocking us from true love. 

Try placing Rose Quartz over your heart, or make a gem elixir by placing the stone directly into water. Drinking this water is a pleasant way to experience the gentleness of Rose Quartz. (Place the water in the sun light for added benefit to the mental/physical healing, or moonlight for benefits to the emotional/spiritual side of healing).

Rose Quartz can make one more receptive and appreciative of the arts, music, and poetry.
Our loving stone companion for a complete healing, Rose Quartz is total Love Inside a Rock!

Opens one up to true love

Ways to use Rose Quartz

  • Calm mental chatter and promote calmness & clarity to the mind after times of chaos
  • Wearing, carrying, placing Rose Quartz around ones environment, or creating rose quartz infused water/elixir will stimulate love in its pure essence. It brings warmth, love, directness, empathy, romance, and is great to wash the face with for long lasting beauty, or bring into a bath with your lover/solitary.
  • Drink or apply Rose Quartz water over any affected ares, this can decrease pain and stimulate proper function of the organ/area targeted.

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Furthering Studies on Rose Quartz

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