Mystical Bibliography

A collection of readings & links for growth & curiosity

Living in a time of revolutionary technology learning from others, elders and ancestors is a most useful way to gather information. Every day we are using and completely surrounded with more technology/information than ever before! Most eyes see more unnatural light than natural light.

The information age: here people are learning at accelerated rates and evolving faster and faster in technology, information and consciousness. Feels like time is speeding up...

To make things more challenging, our planet is filled with confusing and corrupt information; paid and funded blogs and articles that sway our opinions on demand. Now more than ever we must learn to discern for ourselves what is truth.

This growing bibliography includes fiction, non-fiction, unique and sometimes controversial writers and authors. Return to the basics to gain new and exciting perspectives on life, and general world knowledge through a good new book!




This section focuses on Physical Health, Nutrition, Digestion, Beauty & anything relating to the physical body.

Nadine Artemis -Successful Self-Dentistry- Flowers Shining Everywhere Inc. 2011

Donna Gates -The Body Ecology Diet- Hay House 1996

Max Gerson M.D -A Cancer Therapy- Whittier Books 1958

Dr. Bernard Jensen -Guide to Better Bowel Care- Bernard Jensen International 1908

Peter Jentschura -Health by Purification- Verlag Peter Jentschura Publishing Company 1998

Hugh Newman -Earth Grids- Wooden Books LTD 2008

Paul Stamets -Mycelium Running- Ten Speed Press 2005

Dr. Jurgen Weihofen -Himalayan Crystal Salt - Sanoform 2002

Toni Weschler -Taking Charge of your Fertility- Harper Collins Publisher 2006

David Wolfe -Chaga- North Atlantic Books 2012

Food & Herbs

Nutrition, Cookbooks, Plants & Herbs

Phyllis A. Balch -Prescription for Nutritional Healing- Penguin Group 2010

Stephen Harrod Buhner -The Transformational Power of Fasting- Healing arts Press 2003

Allyson Kramer -Great GF Vegan Eats From Around the World- Fair Winds Press 2013

John Lust -The Herb Book- Benedict Lust 1974

Ani Phyo -Raw food Essentials- Da Capo Press 2010

Kymythy R. Schultze -Natural Nutrition for Dogs and Cats- Hay House 1998

Judita Wignall -Going Raw- Quarry Books 2011

David Wolfe -Eating for Beauty- North Atlantic Books 2007

David Wolfe -Superfoods- North Atlantic Books 2009


This section shares books that help us with emotions, feeling, healing, and the element of water
Brené Brown -Daring Greatly- Avery/Penguin Random House 2012

Aleister Crowley -The Book of Lies- Red Wheel/Weiser 1913

LaBerge & Rheingold -Exploring the world of Lucid Dreaming- Random House 1990

Lama Choedak Rinpoche -Taming the Elephant Mind- Gorum Publications 2013

Eddie & Debbie Shapiro -The Meditation Book- Sterling Publishing 2000

Rupert Sheldrake -Morphic Resonance- Park Street Press 1981

Lau Tzu -Tao Te Ching- Sacred Books of the East 1891 


This section shares books that help us with emotions, feeling, healing, and the element of water

Yasmin Boland -Moonology- Hay House 2016

Daya Sarai Chocron -The Healing Power of Seashells- Earthdancer books 2005

Masaru Emoto -The Hidden Messages in Water- Beyond Worlds Publishing 2001

Louise Hay -You Can Heal Your Life- Hay House 1984

Drunvalo Melchizedek -Living in the Heart- Light Technology Publishing 2003

Varla Ventura -Among the Mermaids- Weiser books 2013


knowledge & awareness of higher energies. Sacred books, Juicy with righteous information

William Bloom -Working with Angels, Fairies & Nature Spirits- Piatkus 1998

Ram Dass -Be Here now- Hanuman Foundation 1971

Denning & Phillips -Astral Projection- Llewellyn Publications 1996

Brian Froud -Good Faeries Bad Faeries- Simon & Schuster 1998

Froud & Macbeth -The Faeries Oracle- Fireside 2000

Wil Huygen -Gnomes- Peacock Press/Bantam Book 1979

Amber K -True Magick- Llewellyn Publications 1990

Robert Kirk -The Secret Commonwealth of Elves, Fauns, and Fairies- Dover Publications 1933

Agapi Stassinopoulos -Conversations with the Goddesses- Stewart, Tabori & Chang 1999

Kevin J. Todeschi -Edgar Cayce on the Akashic Records- Edgar Cayce Foundation 1998

Doreen Virtue Ph.D. -Archangels & Ascended Masters- Hay House 2003


Hone your Craft

Berk & Froud -The Runes of Elfland- Harry N. Abrams Inc 2003

Nancy Garen -Tarot Made Easy- Fireside 1989

Eden Gray -The Tarot Revealed- Bell Publishing 1960

Annie Lionnet -The Astrology Directory- The Ivy Press Limited 2003

Diana L. Paxson -Taking up The Runes- Red Wheel/Weiser 2005

Nigel Pennick -The Complete Illustrated Guide To Runes- Element Books Limited 1999

Lisa Peschel -A Practical Guide to The Runes- Llewellyn Publications 1989

William W. Hewitt -Tea Leaf Reading- Llewellyn Publications 1989


reference & learning guides

Christa Faye Burka -Clearing Crystal Consciousness- Christa Faye Burka 1985

Dan Campbell -Edgar Cayce on the Power of Color Stones and Crystals- Association for Research and Enlightenment 1989

Gienger & Goebel -Gem Water- Earthdancer 2007

Melody -Love is in the Earth- Earth Love Publishing House 1995

Richard M. Pearl -How to Know the Minerals and Rocks- Signet Key Book 1955

Katrina Raphaell -Crystal Enlightenment- Aurora Press 1985

Simmons & Warner -Moldavite: Starborn Stone of Transformation- Heaven and Earth Publishing 1988

Online Links

A growing list of useful links/websites


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