Phosphate (mineral)

Turquoise is an opaque mineral often formed in iron-rich limonite or sandstone. It is a variety of the hydrated minerals Copper/Aluminum/Phosphate and only occurs in special places where the soil is acidic, and the ground water has high copper content. The matrix (host mineral) Turquoise forms in will change the markings of the stone. Limonite as a matrix creates dark brown markings, where a sandstone matrix will create tan markings.

Deep Healing
Sky & Earth Connection
Emotional Balance

Family/Variety: Phosphate (mineral)

Shape/Crystal System: Triclinic

Hardness: 5-6

Colour Range: Blue/Green/Brown/White

Chakra: Third Eye/Throat/Higher Heart/Heart Chakras

Direction: North/East

Element: Earth/Spirit

Zodiac: Scorpio/Sagittarius/Pisces

Planetary/Ruling Bodies: Earth

Guardian/Deity: Mother Earth/Father Sky


Partners well with: Sugilite/Rutilated Quartz

Safe in Water: No


History & Origin

Turquoise is a beautiful gift from our mother Earth & Father Sky. Found all around the world in underground deposits. It forms best in arid climates and is commonly found in Iran, Afghanistan, Africa, China, Tibet, Australia, Mexico and many southern states of Turtle Island (ie Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico). Shamans and Medicine Men from countless cultures have revered Turquoise as a master healer stone working with it in ceremony and for protection.

Turquoise has always been a popular stone for jewelry. Some of the oldest turquoise jewelry was found in Egyptian Tombs. It has always been very popular in jewelry.

Turquoise is the national gem of Tibet. Held sacred by the Tibetan Shamans. Turquoise was associated with the sacred valley of Shambhala.

Historically it has been accounted to healing eye problems like cataracts, and to strengthen work animals. People also believed that wearing turquoise around the neck or wrist would protect them from an unnatural death.

Physical Properties

Turquoise is a master healer, being equally effective for physical health. This mineral emanates a pure soothing and deeply healing energy when worn or placed in one living areas.

Turquoise quickly promotes positive health, allowing us to learn the lessons our physical pain is trying to teach us. It reduces pain and frequency of headaches, increases circulation to the bodies muscles, and can help the digestive system absorb more nutrients.

Passively turquoise will strengthen the entire anatomy.

Turquoise has always been used as a protection stone. It is said that if you have a piece of turquoise on you, and end up in some kind of danger, the colour of the stone will change to warn you.

Along with physical protection, turquoise can provide mental/spiritual protection and protect against environmental pollution.

Energetic Properties

Turquoise combines the uplifting energy of our sky, with the grounding energy of our Earth becoming a true master healer stone. Because of this balanced combination of energy, turquoise is known to harmonize male/yang and female/yin energies.

This stone has a long and rich history alongside humanity. For thousands of years it has been used by the best of healers & because of this, it allows us humans to access our ancient spiritual connections. Turquoise can show you your heritage & family history, it helps recall past life memories, remember and remove old vows and find essential spirit guides.

Usually turquoise is categorized a throat chakra stone because of its famous colour, but this crystal diligently works on all chakra levels.

Turquoise works at fine tuning our communication skills so that we better handle our emotional issues and better trust ourselves/intuition. This stone assists us in correctly expressing ourselves such as in writing or speech. It is very helpful for communicating personal truth in matters of creativity and art. I've even found it useful for calming family tension.  

Ways to use Turquoise

  • Use turquoise in any weather magick, like cloud bursting and rain ceremonies (usually with great success!)
  • Program and wear a piece of turquoise to protect you from harm
  • Place on the third eye during meditations to enhance ones intuition
  • Place turquoise on the throat chakra to bring balance to your communication and to remove old vows and contracts that no longer serve you

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