Quartz Variety

Peace. Serenity. Tranquility. Wisdom. Clarity. Sobriety.

Amethyst is a very abundant crystal that grows all over the world in massive form! It occurs as a geode, crystalline structure or cluster.

The presence of manganese in quartz creates the purple amethyst variety and varying amounts of iron is responsible for the different hues of purple. 



Family/Variety: Quartz (silicon dioxide)

Shape/Crystal System: Hexagonal

Hardness: 7

Colour Range:Violet/Purple/Black/Green/Pink

Chakra: Third Eye/Crown

Direction: North

Element: Air

Zodiac: Aquarius/Pisces/Virgo/Capricorn

Planetary/Ruling Bodies: Jupiter/Neptune

Guardian/Deity: Archangel Jeremiel/Sachiel/Zadkiel

Number: 3

Partners well with: Quartz

Safe in Water: Yes


Where this stone came from and where can you find it?

The name améthystos is of Greek origin and means 'not intoxicated'.  Historically this stone was used for sobriety, and even today it has been used for freedom from addictions and is a good ally for those with addictive personalities. Amethyst is a helpful talisman when having to battle these troubles of life. Amethyst was used to ward off nightmares, treat insomnia and promote sweet dreams and sleep. 

Commonly found in South America and all across Turtle Island. Deposits are abundant in Ontario Canada, Brazil, Uruguay, Africa, India and Sri Lanka.

Physical Properties

How does amethyst affect the physical body?

One of the best crystals for the physical body as amethyst will immediately ease pain. Especially effective against all forms of headaches. Amethyst powerfully but calmly targets any disorders of the head, or brain and brings comfort, healing, awareness and insight into the cause of this disorder.

Place this purple quartz over any area of discomfort and it will reduce the physical pain in the body quite effectively.

This is a good stone for mental health and working with amethyst will calm overwhelmed, stressed and overworked mentalities. This stone will awaken a new alertness.

Energetic Properties

How does amethyst affect the energetic bodies?

Amethyst is a third eye stone and a master healing crystal, it holds the sacred Purple Ray. This stone strengthens and develops inherent abilities such as intuition inspiration, healing, channeling, dream work and journeying. Amethyst is a soul stone, meaning it speaks to the level of our soul. This stone is of high spirituality and brings contentment. It will gently cleanse the aura by stabilizing/transmuting dysfunctional energy from the body while returning it to proper balance. It has also been said to shift consciousness from normal daytime thought to the mysterious twilight of altered awareness. Opening and awakening us to new thoughts and possibilities, helping us see beyond the physical universe.

Amethyst is a deeply cleansing stone and one of the best for meditations, as it brings calmness/peace to the user. If placed directly on the forehead while laying down meditating, amethyst will calm all those distracting thoughts not related to the meditation.

Amethyst removes clutter in the mind and brings tranquility. It improves psychic development by increasing pineal and pituitary gland activity.

Keeping true to its history, still today Amethyst is a favorite stone of dream workers. Amethyst will bring clarity and lucidity to you in dreamland and restful sleep.

Since Amethyst is so effective at easing pain, try making a gem elixir by placing the stone directly into water. Drinking this water is the best method for pain relief (Place the water in the sun light for added benefit to the mental/physical healing, or moonlight for benefits to the emotional/spiritual side of healing).

Ways to use Amethyst

  • Drinking amethyst water reduces arthritis pain, even causing it to dissipate completely. It will ease any pain in the emotional, mental & spiritual bodies
  • Place an Amethyst crystal under your pillow or near the bed to induce good dreams!
  • Hold/wear Amethyst to deter cravings
  • Direct your love towards this crystal to amplify its amazing energy.

Quartz Family

Alternative forms of Quartz


Furthering Studies on Amethyst

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