Innosilicate - Zeolite Family

Healing. Self Love. Acceptance. Dreams. ET Connection. Meditation. Empathy.

Prehnite is a formed inosilicate of calcium and aluminum which most often forms in stalactitic or botryoidal (circular) shapes. Prehnite is almost always curved or composite, rounded, soft and almost glowing. It is a combination of metamorphic & igneous rock.


Family/Variety:  Silicate (Zeolite)

Shape/Crystal System:  Orthorhombic (Pyramidal)

Hardness: 6-6.5

Colour Range: Green

Chakra: Heart

Direction: East/Above

Element: Earth/Spirit

Zodiac: Libra

Planetary/Ruling Bodies: Venus

Guardian/Deity: Extra Terrestrials/Star People

Partners well with: Lemurian Quartz

Safe in Water: Yes


Where this stone came from and where can you find it?

Prehnite was the first gemstone to ever be named after a person. Colonel Hendrik Von Preh first discovered Prehnite in 1788 in South Africa. It can be found in South Africa, Australia, China, Scotland and Turtle Island.

Physical Properties

How does prehnite affect the physical body?

Physically this stone is great for treatments of the kidneys and bladder, especially if drinking a gem elixir.

Works to dissolve fat soluble substances, assisting in a gentle detox of the body. Metabolism and weight can be targeted, and connective tissue health optimized.

Energetic Properties

How does prehnite affect the energetic bodies?

This stone is full of energetic properties! Prehnite connects people with certain guides that are correct and right for the individual using this stone. Because of this prehnite assists in contact with spirit or energetic entities while visualizations, and meditations.

Prehnite has been used for divination and prophesy. Allowing the divine information to work through the prehnite. Predictions made using prehnite are always accurate and precise; not to be taken lightly. In fact is is better to use this stone of prophesy for personal growth, and personal direction only.

Creative Ways to Use Prehnite

unique and fun ways to work with Prehnite
  • Program to connect to specific Gods/Goddesses/Civilizations/Star People through intention, intuitive guidance, and meditation.
  • This stone is great to slip under the pillow, or meditate holding it before bed.
  • Great to use in crystal grids for promoting calmness

Prehnite heals the healer, heals the heart chakra and protects on all levels. An excellent stone for all healers, empaths and sensitive beings.

Prehnite is a dream stone, great for remembering/recalling ones dreams. It also bestows safe and healing sleep or if programmed, it can be used to connect to ones spiritual guides during sleep.

This stone stimulates and increases all forms of healing energy.

Use prehnite when working with others in a group or coven. This green stone stabilizes hectic group energy, making the overall intention more focused and directed for the good of all involved!

  • Prehnite helps you always be prepared for any situation, energetically.
  • Prehnite often forms in conjunction with Epidote, enhancing the properties of both these gemstones.
  • Vibrates to the Number 5


Furthering Studies on Prehnite

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