Elimia Agate

Quartz Variety - Agate Family

Survival. Wisdom. Luck. Equality. Past & Future. History. Heritage.

Commonly know as Turritella Agate. The correct name for this form of agate is Elimia Agate. Easy to identify and quite recognizable as a brown stone with small shells, snails and sea creatures patterned within the stone.


Family/Variety: Banded Quartz (silicon dioxide)

Shape/Crystal System: Trigonal

Hardness: 6.5-7

Colour Range: Brown with White Shells

Chakra: Root

Direction: West

Element: Water/Earth

Zodiac: Cancer/Aquarius/Gemini

Planetary/Ruling Bodies:  The Ocean/The Rocky Mountains 

Guardian/Deity: River Folk

Number: 9

Partners well with: Seashells

Safe in Water: Yes


Where this stone came from and where can you find it?

This form of agate is found in the Green River formation of Wyoming. Formed around 50 million when the Rocky Mountains were still growing, by rain and terrain merging into this beautiful brown agate.

Upon first discovery, the snails of this stone were thought to be in the Turritella genus. This is incorrect because the fossils are actually from a freshwater snail, not saltwater like Turritella snails. So the correct genus is Elimia tenera, a member of the Pleuroceridae family.

Physical Properties

How does Elimia agate affect the physical body?

Used physically for improved fertility and conception.

Good for fatigue, as this stone gently nourishes and brings renewed physical energy.

This agate is soothing towards the stomach and digestive tract, calming any disturbances.

It promotes proper peristalsis, regulating bowel movements and assists in intake and absorption of many vitamins and minerals.

Energetic Properties

How does elimia agate affect the Energetic bodies?

Elimia Agate will bring confidence and luck to the aura.

It is helpful for survival because elimia agate calms the mind and makes one feel safe, by letting us be rid of the ideas of attack/danger.

Like moss agate, it provides an open channel to communicate with the plant and mineral kingdom. Gathering information that is beneficial for the healing our Earth.

A great gift for people with pompous personalities, power trippers, or those with superiority complexes, as it dispels and equalizes this energy.

Ways to use Elimia Agate

  • Information is stored in this stone: meditation with elimia agate will reveal much about the world of our past.
  • Use this stone to work with the past, such as past life regressions or hypnotherapy
  • Hold or have on you when learning about your ancestors, bloodlines, and where you come from

Agate Family

Alternative forms of agate


Furthering Studies on Agate

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